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Ishihara Satomi
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Introduction post!

This is the new community for Ishihara Satomi since the old one had been delated.
Many members might be sad that the old community disappeared and I hope we can all continue to keep sharing our stuff about awesome Satomi here.

If you have any questions or suggestions just PM xxasukixx. =)
25th-Mar-2013 12:17 pm - Ray Feb 2013
fresh start
Better late than never ;)

I love the light colouring of the shooting! ♥ Very pretty!!!
25th-Mar-2013 12:08 pm - Steady March & April 2013
satomi summer


Also: I found the CanCam shooting of her from the Feb issue 2013 in a way much better quality and edited the entry. Check it out here!
20th-Oct-2012 10:43 pm - Satomi's new cms for "Flair"
Satomi hoodie

They just got on air this week! :)
Satomi hoodie

from Ishihara Satomi’s Officiall LINE Update 121016

i’ll be starring as guest in Lucky Seven SP

it’s been a while since i starred together with Matsumoto-san and Eita-san who have been taken care of me in my drama series debut 9 years ago, “Kimi wa Petto” i feel moved…

glad, i’ve been working hard, i’ll work hard from now on too

this time i’ll play a mysterious woman character, it’s a bit complicated but i’ll act it thoroughly

please watch it next spring!


I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!
10th-Oct-2012 07:34 pm - Your MV finder strikes again! ^_^
So I found another MV w/ Satomi-chan again... and again coincidentally :)), while I was searching for other things. It´s pretty new. It´s called 

Ne (ねぇ; Hey) Feat. Ishihara Satomi by Emi Tawata.


Satomi hoodie

On September 29th, the omnibus movie ‘BUNGO ~Sasayaka na Yokubo~‘ held a stage greeting on its opening day. The greeting was attended by the four actresses Ishihara Satomi, Hashimoto Ai, Haru, and Misaki Ayame and since the movie features several short love stories set during the Show era, they all impressed the audience with a fabulous retro look.

‘BUNGO ~Sasayaka na Yokubo~’ is made up of a total of six stories divided into the two main themes ‘Mitsumerareru Shukujotachi’ (lit. ‘Eye-Catching Ladies’) and ‘Kokuhaku Suru Shinshitachi’ (lit. ‘Confessing Gentlemen’). The stories are all based on short novels by some of Japan’s finest authors from the Showa era.

Actress Ishihara is co-starring together with comedian Miyasako Hiroyuki (Ameagari Kesshitai) in a spicy love story titled ‘Chumon no Ooi Ryouriten’. In one scene of their story, Miyasako is giving Ishihara an oil foot massage.

Ishihara commented, “Miyasako actually disliked the slippery feeling with the oil, so he wiped off the oil on his hands with my feet after the filming.” She continued, “He was a bit embarrassed, because he didn’t know whether it was really okay for him to keep on touching my feet although the filming was over. I liked it, because it helps with your blood circulation. Moreover I’ve always wanted to work with Miyasako, so I was really glad for this opportunity.

the others' charactersCollapse )

20120929_BUNGO_ishihara 20120929_BUNGO_greeting_001 20120929_BUNGO_greeting_002 20120929_BUNGO_greeting_003 20120929_BUNGO_greeting_013
20120929_BUNGO_greeting_004 20120929_BUNGO_greeting_010 20120929_BUNGO_greeting_011 20120929_BUNGO_greeting_012

see pictures of the other actresses here @ tokyohive.

19th-Sep-2012 11:28 am(no subject)

Rich Man Poor Woman Giveaway!!  Here is your chance to get the dvd set or any RMPW, Oguri Shun or Ishihara Satomi goodies
16th-Sep-2012 11:28 am - SUITE cms
fresh start
[15 sec]

[30 sec]

[80 sec]

[Making Of]

I  love the cms. They totally get me in the mood for autumn and winter. :3

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